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NoDrives Manager is a program that can hide any of your drives
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NoDrives Manager is a program that can hide any of your drives.
You can secure the program with a password, and indicate which of your drives you want to hide from a Windows Explorer user. To be able to use the drives, you will have to enter your password into the program.

NoDrives Manager will show you an interface where you can select the letters of the drives (any drive, diskette, hard disk, CD or DVD units, removable drives) that you want to hide. Once done, you can enter the password that you want to use to access those drives in the future. Warning: be very careful not to forget this password. Because if you do, you will neither be able to access those drives, nor even uninstall the program.

To make the hiding process active, you will have to log off or stop and restart the explorer.exe process. The "My Computer" window will not show the hidden drives any more, and a casual user will not even know that those drives exist in your system. This is a very good security resource if you intend to store sensitive information on your computer.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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